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Marco Bitrant Boston
Marco Bitran, the founder and chief executive of AI Exchange, Inc., has held positions with such agencies as Qualcomm, Wellington Management, Morgan Stanley, and other reputable firms across the United States. Bitran currently calls Brookline, Massachusetts home. Bitran is also an advocate of composting and encourages people to engage in that activity in order to help the environment, which he has stated he is concerned about. In order to provide individuals with more information about composting, Bitran has launched http://www.marco-bitran.comMarco Bitran

Many people decide to take up composting for some of the following reasons:
*Reducing the amount of garbage they generate, which can be achieved by composting garden waste, leaves, food scraps, and grass clippings
*Creating a garden by using a compost pile as fertilizer rather than spending money at garden centers
In addition to these, composting is just a fascinating hobby to take on, and it can be perhaps the most interesting aspects in regards to keeping a garden once you learn the basics of the task.

When composting begins, it usually starts out as a pile of kitchen waste and garbage, which would normally decompose when left alone for a long period of time. However, when many different products are mixed together and kept as moist and well-aerated as possible, the composting process is accelerated. According to soil scientists, compost eventually matures into what is known as active organic matter. Basically, this is an alternative to traditional soil that is crumbly and dark which is rich in such organic matter as earthworms and fungi. The matter also contains different acids and enzymes that are released by these different lifeforms as they begin to multiply.

Composting also requires that those who do it become familiar with four basic elements: bacteria, moisture, organic material, and oxygen. Brown and green organic material will need to be acquired, while water and oxygen will help to boost the composting process by assisting the already-present bacteria to break everything down into what will become the final product.

Bitran learned during his time at AI Exchange, Inc. that the water-holding capacity of compost will increase as it is added to traditional garden soil. It also provides numerous nutrients for plants and invigorates the overall food web of the soil itself. In addition, plants are able to respond more to challenges provided by insects and/or diseases thanks to compost.

Compost has become popular thanks to its recognition for being “green” and bringing many enhancements to gardens everywhere, despite being made entirely out of organic material that has decomposed. Also, as previously mentioned, composting allows people to save money by using their own materials rather than going out and purchasing new ones.Make note of the following links for more useful information about composting.