An illustration shows a wind-powered vehicle and truck provider ship that a Swedish consortium that consists of Wallenius Marine is establishing and intending to introduce late 2024 in this handout image acquired by Reuters September 10,2020 Wallenius Marine/via REUTERS

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Swedish consortium aims to launch commercially by 2025 a wind-driven car provider that will discharge 90%less co2 than a traditional roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) cargo ship, it stated on Thursday.

The 200- metre long provider will have a capability for 7,000 automobiles and have an optimum height of 105 metres when its 5 80- metre upright “wing sails” are totally extended – evoking a futuristic variation of the wings of a 19 th century clipper.

” This will obviously difficulty our practices and when this vessel will be in the ocean sailing, it will be an odd bird,” consortium partner Wallenius Marine Chief Operating Officer Per Tunell informed an online news conference. “We are on track to make it possible for launching and putting this vessel in operation for late 2024.”

The consortium stated in a statement a North Atlantic crossing would take the ship around twelve days, against eight days for traditional vessels.

” The technology of the wing sails is quite similar to airplane wings,” Wallenius Marine architect Carl-Johan Soder said, adding that the 90%emission decrease estimate was based upon a North-Atlantic crossing at an average speed of 10 knots.

The vessel will have a fuel powered engine for running in ports and for assistance when wind is very weak.

Tunell stated the vessel would be somewhat more costly than a conventional RoRo provider of similar size.

Besides Wallenius Marine – which is controlled by the founding household of the Wallenius RoRo shipping group – the consortium includes Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology and delivering consultancy SSPA. The job is co-financed by the Swedish Transportation Administration.

( This story remedies the vessel length and the variety of wing sails in the 2nd paragraph)

Reporting by Anna Ringstrom; Modifying by Marguerita Choy

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