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Enhanced ship utilization rates and investments in environmentally sustainable technologies for boosted energy effectiveness would substantially reduce co2 emissions within navigation. A recent research study performed in the Lab of Industrial Management at Åbo Akademi University also suggests that such measures would add to lowering of freight costs.

The results were obtained by integrating emission abatement analysis and financial investment calculation.

” Through operational and technological procedures it is possible to decrease both emissions and freight expenses. If the exact same freight volume can be shipped using less fuel, the shipping business will gain major cost savings in terms of fuel costs,” describes Research Director Magnus Gustafsson from the Laboratory of Industrial Management at Åbo Akademi University.

The shipping sector creates substantial co2 emissions, which is harmful for both the environment and the society. Recently, the branch has seen both internal determination and external pressure to decrease emissions, however development has actually been complicated by the difficult competitors in shipping.

Digitalisation offers tangible solutions. For instance, new digital planning and reservation systems would facilitate smarter usage of paths while likewise lessening traffic with half-empty vessels or without any cargo onboard.

” By cruising less nautical miles with little or no freight, it is possible to improve the capacity usage rate and get rid of emissions caused by the so-called ballast traffic,” says Henry Schwartz, Doctoral Student in Industrial Management at Åbo Akademi University.

” Our model demonstrated that solar panels, optimized props and cold ironing– the possibility to link to land power network at ports– are among the economically successful investments in brand-new innovations. In contrast, for instance, wind power setups did not appear lucrative.”.

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Emission reduction in shipping– is it possible to minimize carbon dioxide emissions profitably?, Journal of Cleaner Production(2020).120069

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Eco-friendly shipping assists to decrease freight expenses (2020, January 21).
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