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A Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Thomas Layer/Associated Press.

  • Royal Caribbean stated on Friday that passport holders from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau would be disallowed from all its cruise ships, regardless of how long ago they visited those places.
  • Guests found to have a fever or have low blood oxygen levels in Royal Caribbean’s freshly mandated health screenings will also not be allowed to travel, the business stated.

    Royal Caribbean International on Friday disallowed individuals with passports from China, Hong Kong, and Macau from boarding any of its cruise ships, regardless of when they were there last.

    The newly tightened up steps also state that people, “regardless of nationality,” will be prevented from boarding any ships in the fleet if they have traveled “from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau less than 15 days prior to their cruising” or had close contact with somebody who has.

    Individuals who report feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms will go through necessary health screenings, as will people who are uncertain whether they’ve come in contact with individuals who were in mainland China or Hong Kong in the past 15 days, Royal Caribbean said.


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