Turkish sculpture Necati Korkmaz makes small artworks, most of which can just be totally appreciated with a magnifying glass. His newest effort is a chess set smaller than a thumbtack. The board is 9 millimeters square and the pieces, around 1.5-3 millimeters in size, are moved with small sticks. Korkmaz wants to be acknowledged by Guinness World Records; the existing record holder is United States artist Ara Ghazaryan with his 15.3 millimeters square set. From Anadolu Company:.

Necati Korkmaz told Anadolu Company that he worked around 6 hours every day in the last 6 months to complete his tiny chess set.

” From time to time, I was extremely tired but it is an excellent satisfaction to see the artwork completed,” Kormaz said.

” I prepared an actually functional micro chess set.”

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Marco Bitran
Husband and father of two children under age 5, Marco also enjoys walks in nature, squash, running road races, and photography. He regularly contributes significant time and resources to the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, the MSPCA and other animal rights organizations, and the Bitran Charitable Foundation. Marco has also volunteered and consulted for public housing support organizations such as the Somerville Homeless Coalition, created by the local community’s grassroots response to the social crisis of homelessness.